The Busy Mom’s Favorite Christmas Books 2016

The Busy Mom’s Favorite Christmas Books 2016


It’s here! The most wonderful time of the year … to read!  Reading together is a favorite activity in our family, and over the years, reading aloud has become a cherished part of our family’s Christmas tradition.  I’ve spent years scoping out books at yard sales and thrift stores looking for hidden treasures to read to the kids. I won’t lie to you—I’ve also purchased some books that were total losers, and they ended right back where I found them.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I had a great response to the list of favorite Thanksgiving books last month, so I’ve compiled a few of our favorite Christmas books too, in case you needed some inspiration as you start or continue to build your own family library.

Remember, these books can be found at the library, thrift stores, eBay and a host of other places. If you’re like me, and you want to build a family library, make some room in your budget to purchase at least one or two every year. Those books will create their own special memories for you and your kids in the years to come.




Christmas reads for grown-ups

The Christmas Box was given to me as a gift several years ago. It’s a beautiful little story that is just the right length to read in a single sitting, with or without your children. I’d call it a modern-day classic, if “they” let me do that sort of thing.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—you’ll be changed. Powerful, powerful reading.

Christmas Stories  – I’m a sap for pretty much anything written by Max Lucado, and this is one of my faves. It’s filled with short(er) stories of Christmas, and, because Max has a style all his own, you’ll soon be wanting to read the next story and the next and the next.   These stories—like your favorite Christmas ornaments—come in all shapes and sizes. They unfold in a variety of settings, from ancient Bethlehem to rural England. From a small Texas town to the heavenly realms. Some are short. Others many chapters long. Some offer reflections. Others imagine Christmas through the eyes of a burnt-out candle maker, a lonely business man, or heavenly angels.

Yet all are vintage Lucado, and all resonate with the wonder of the season.



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