6 Ways To Speed Clean to Clean-Enough for the Holidays [& The 1 Habit That Changes Your Morning & The Whole Day]

6 Ways To Speed Clean to Clean-Enough for the Holidays [& The 1 Habit That Changes Your Morning & The Whole Day]

Ann VosKamp  : A Holy Night

My Mama said you can’t hurry clean —- just like you can’t hurry love. 

And I’ve been spending about, oh, the last 20 years trying to prove the good woman wrong.

In a (long) moment of apparent brain blur, I tracked down, paid good money, and hauled home one impossible puppy.

Because clearly, in a house of full of more than half a dozen kids, a full-time farmer, 1000 honking pigs, and more dirt than you can possibly imagine, we did not have enough insanity.

Well, Mama, this ain’t my first rodeo —

And after twenty years of homeschooling six crazy kids and getting to be wife to one fine, albeit greasy, gritty, farming man— these are a few of the things that I love — because they have proved (to some arguable extent) you can hurry clean — and don’t go telling any mama for one New York minute that doesn’t mean a whole lot of love, love to ease the mind.


Just 5 Steps More

It’s an ongoing refrain here, my ridiculous, relentless Mama symphony rising above the domestic cacaphony: 5 Steps More!

5 Steps more will get that away. 5 Steps More and the clothes are away, 5 Steps More that dish is in the dishwasher, 5 Steps More that book is on the shelf. You are strong enough and you have time enough — for just 5 Steps More. You are just 5 Steps More away from a cleaner house. 

Because the thing I keep saying and believing and living is: We get to make Art for the people who get to come behind us.

We get to make beauty, we get to leave loveliness, we get to make art for all who come in our wake — so they get to wake to wonder. So whether it’s in the kitchen, at a screen, with colleagues, with kids, in the house: Make Art. It brings glory to the Master.

And that Art happens? By getting everyone consistently on your 5 Steps More soundtrack.

4. 30 Minute Love SHAK


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