Home {Alone} For Christmas – 10 Activities To Do With Your Littles On Christmas ⋆ A Little R & R

Rosilind Jukic  Of A Little R & R.

Home Alone For Christmas: 

Activities To Do With Your Children.

From Sarah: 

My parents were always home for Christmas.  Dad was a teacher. Mom was a nurse… Administrative. Somehow she always had the holidays off. 

Then when I was a single parent… I taught in school or ran one at home.  So I never had to work on Holidays.  

Then Danny and I got together.  Suddenly we were both working holidays at the park. 

Yes, people love to camp at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I think they are crazy.

It was hard having to work those first holidays. Bobby was gone so it made it easter.  I had something to keep me busy.
From Rosilind:

I’ll admit it – it was a lot easier preparing my heart to be alone on Christmas than it was to actually be alone on Christmas.

Okay – I wasn’t technically alone: I had my kids with me.  But a 14-month old and an almost 3 year old do not really understand Christmas.

After the initial depression wore off, I decided I needed to be proactive and come up with a plan of distraction.  Ever been there?

After a fun Facebook post where people shared their ideas, this is what we came up with!


Here are 10 activities you can do with your littles when you’re home alone for Christmas



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