52 Weeks To An Organized Home: Join The Weekly Challenges

Home Storage Solutions : 52 Week  Organized Home Challenge. 

Do you want an organized home? Most people do, but they go about it in the wrong way expecting overnight success. Let’s instead do it the right way, together, with the 52 Week Challenge.

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Why Does It Take 52 Weeks? Why Can’t I Get Organized Over Night?

You cannot expect to get your home completely organized over night, even though that would be wonderful. It just won’t realistically happen for most of us because we have too many areas in our homes that we need to address.

Plus, even if a whole crew came in and organized everything right now, like they do on some of those television shows, you most likely don’t have the habits in place to maintain that organization yet.

However, you can get organized slowly, over time. That is where The 52 Week Organized HomeChallenge comes in. Each week we focus on a different challenge area in our homes and make steady forward progress.

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