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Bullet Journals :

International By Grace
Grace also shares a Favorite Daily Planner at the end.

When I talk about bullet journaling, I’m inevitably asked, “What is that exactly?”
Well, I recommend heading here to read about it and watch the short video. The creator, Ryder Carroll, explains the method in its simplest form. Then, go here and read one of the best posts I found explaining the basics of the Bullet Journal.
Bullet Journaling is the analog system for the digital age. It’s a paper and pen method of planning that actually works!
It works because it’s a system that changes with you and works for you. It’s forgiving and customizable.
Essentially, a Bullet Journal is whatever you want it to be.

I’ve been using a simple daily planner since I was in high school. You might have heard me talk about my Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner for the last few years. I have loved it immensely, and it has served me so well! I still recommend it to anyone who isn’t interested in the Bullet Journal and looking for something practical and simple.

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