Intermittent Fasting – Skipping Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight
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Then I came across this article about Eat Stop Eat and I was hooked. So, I bought the ebook and signed up for Brad’s informative newsletter that arrives in my inbox 3 times a week.

And, I’m experimenting with intermittent fasting by extending the periods of time I go without food. Because we eat dinner pretty late, a few times a week I skip breakfast, only having coffee and water and try to make lunch as late as I can.

After years of following Weight Watchers, counting and tracking, and other more traditional forms of calorie restriction, I like the idea of having a little more freedom around what I eat in exchange for limiting when I eat. It’s a trade-off I’m willing to make. And I’m excited about the health benefits of intermittent fasting beyond weight loss.

I continue to read/study Eat Stop Eat and devour Brad Pilon’s “The Advocate” newsletter articles.

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  1. lorigreer says:

    It makes sense! I work out early on most mornings so skipping breakfast would not work. However on other days, I could certainly give this a try! A worthwhile goal…thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday!

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