7 Things We Should Never Believe When Tragedy Enters Our Life

The Praying Women : Misconceptions About God 

You may be facing giants in your life right now that go beyond understanding. In our struggles, we often ask deeper questions. Why does God allow bad things happen? Why do bad things happen to good people?

First we need to understand God’s role in tragedy. God is not the author of evil, Satan is. He is roaming all over this earth. Satan has positioned his little helpers of doubt, lies, discouragement and fear in our lives to attack in our most vulnerable moments. It is evident in his attack against our relationships, our children, our marriages, our schools, our country, our government—he’s everywhere.

When tragedy enters our lives, God is the first one to be blamed. When in reality it is the attack of the enemy causing chaos.

What is God’s role when tragedy enters into our life?

Here are 7 Misconceptions About God When Tragedy Enters Our Life:

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