All of the 1 Samuel Bible Study Materials in One Place {Including Open Groups, Resources for Leaders & Resources for Children}

Do you want to grow closer to the Lord in 2017?  Then Good Morning Girls is for you!

Here at Good Morning Girls we provide all the resources you need to grow in your walk with God.  A new year has begun and it’s a great time to connect.  I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, grab a few friends and join us!

You can start a Good Morning Girls group that meets for coffee in real life every week or you can start a group that meets daily on-line.  You can use Facebook Groups, email, text messaging and more to connect!

We are here to sharpen each other.

Proverbs 2717 iron sharpens iron

We regroup here at GMG 3 times a year – summer, fall and winter.

You DO NOT have to have a group, to join our on-line Bible study.  I can be your accountability partner every Monday and Friday here on the blog if you’d rather not be in a group.

There are no sign-ups, enrollments or subscriptions required to join us.  No hoops!  (Although if you want to subscribe via email – you can do that along the sidebar of the blog here.)

Find a GMG Group Here

If you do not have a Good Morning Girls group – we invite you to CLICK HERE.  When you click this link you will open a document filled with links to GMG Groups waiting for you with open arms.

Find the category that best fits you (if none of them do – then join the group titled “Open to All”) and follow the instructions at the top of the page to join!

These groups are open until Sunday, January 8th (but don’t wait because groups will be full and closing before then)!

GMG Leaders

GMG Leaders: We have a Facebook Group just for you.  In this group, you will find a Leader’s Manual available (free) to help you as you lead!   You will also find weekly encouragement and answers to all of your questions there.

Please Comment. I don't care how long or how short. I want to hear from you.

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