An Awesome 1st Samuel Bible Study By Beth Steffaniak Of Messy Marriage / Message From Sarah

From Sarah:
On Monday, January 9th, Women Living Well And Good Morning Girls Facebook begin their Bible Study in 1st Samuel. I will be sharing those posts like I usually do. Last year, though, I went through THIS AWESOME AND IN-DEPTH Study of Samuel.
I went DEEP.
Beth uses the “Worthy” Method Of Bible Study.
Check it out at :

Bible Study

The following is the post:

God’s Word is Worthy to be Studied Video

God is in Details

Ever wonder how studying God’s word can make a difference in your attitude or perspective?

Well, I hope you’ll join me for a new study in the book of 1st Samuel using my “Worthy” method of Bible study that will help you discover how to read God’s word and glean it for all its worth! You’ll be blown away by the facets that you discover that you might have missed using a devotional or other Bible studies that don’t teach you how to study but rather spoon-feed you truths.

I’ll be beginning a private Facebook group that will be going through the book of 1st Samuel starting the first week of April, 2016. I’ll provide step-by-step instructions for reading with the “Worthy” method and provide you with my notes as examples of what to look for free of charge.

All you have to do is friend me at Beth Oster Steffaniak and request to be added to the private group.

I will post 5 days worth of studies per week, so that you can catch up on the weekends if you need to. I make sure that you get the notes the night before, so that any time that next day you can do the reading and write out your own thoughts and observations. Then you can come and check out mine to see if there are things you might missed or might have seen that I didn’t. 😉

This group will go for approximately 6 months, so it’s something of a commitment. BUT! You can go at your own pace, drop out if you don’t like it anytime, or stay in step with the pace I set for you.

It’s a great way to stay challenged and focused, if you’ve struggled to be consistent in your Bible reading in the past.

Check out my video on the Worthy study

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