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How To Make A Homemaking Notebook

From  Sarah:

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The How’s And Why’s A Homemaking Notebook May Come In Handy. >>>>

How To Make A Homemaking Notebook
Household Management 101

A homemaking notebook, to actually be useful, does not need to be complicated. In fact, the more complicated it is the less likely you will make it and use it. Simplicity is the key.

how to make a homemaking notebook 

2K+ Just as there are lots of ways to become organized and efficient, there are lots of ways to create and maintain your household notebook.

A Unique System For A Unique Family

Once you start using your household notebook your system will evolve, and eventually your system will be uniquely yours, suited best to your family’s needs. That is OK. In fact, that is ideal.

Therefore, when I refer to a “homemaking notebook”, or “home management binder,” or any other term you use for this collection of vital information for your family, I am speaking more in the abstract sense.

Your system, at least once firmly in place, can be a centralized binder or lots of different lists and documents in various locations throughout your home, in both paper and electronic format, or any combination in between.

If you have already created a homemaking notebook please share your tips for how you did it by clicking here or go to the bottom of this page.

If you haven’t made one yet, or want more ideas, keep reading below!

You can also read how other visitors created their own homemaking binders.

To Know What Type Of Homemaking Notebook To Make: Consider Who Will Use It

Do you want to be the only person who uses your homemaking notebook, or do you want others in your household to also use it frequently?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but you need to consider it to determine what type of household notebook will be right for your family.

Let’s use the example of a family calendar. If you want the whole family to use it and refer to it, keeping it in your purse at all times is not the best solution.

Instead, you may want to put it up on the wall, or if everyone has access frequently to the Internet, you may want to put it online with settings to allow everyone to view and add information to it, as needed.

As a general rule my suggestion is to make each portion of the household management notebook available to as many persons in your household as possible, as appropriate.

The reason for this is that it allows every person to feel like part of the team, and to be more involved in making their house a home and keeping the whole family running smoothly.

It also keeps anyone from having an excuse that they didn’t know what needed to be done, or where certain information was, that kept them from acting.

To Know What Type of Homemaking Notebook to Make: Consider How You Will Use It

Another question to consider before you begin making your homemaking notebook is, how will you use it?


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