2 Reasons Why I Need ‘Filter’ to be My Word for 2017

2 Reasons Why I Need ‘Filter’ to be My Word for 2017

I have to admit something—I didn’t choose a word to focus on for 2016.

I know you’re probably like, What??!! Are you kidding me? . . .

What self-respecting Christian blogger doesn’t choose a word to focus on, be challenged by, and apply time-after-time all throughout the year?

Well, apparently this one. 🙁 #bloggerfail

Word Filter

If you don’t know me very well, you might think I’m being totally serious here about how I’ve failed. But I’m really not trying to beat myself up over this choice “not” to choose.

So why am I choosing a word to focus on in 2017?

Well, I was chatting with a friend of mine (over coffee, I might add … Gotta bring the new year in right!) who reminded me that I had shared how I was making the practice of choosing a “word for the year” many years ago. And this inspired her to choose one of her own every year since that conversation.

And here’s the weirdest part—She’s not even a blogger! <gasp!>

My friend went on to say that it has really helped her spiritually throughout the years. And this, in turn, encouraged me to consider choosing a focus word for the year again.

A few days later the Lord sealed the deal for me and I wasn’t even thinking, “what word should I choose?” I simply was walking through a department store thinking about how I’d said something that I shouldn’t have.

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