“Sweet Home Alabama” |What The Song Now Means To Me By Sarah


From Sarah:
My Story
I have a different story to tell when I speak of ” Sweet Home Alabama”.

Oh I have plenty of wonderful moments as well, but they will forever be tarred with the memory I have to tell.

It was a beautiful spring day in Colorado. Clear blue sky. Pikes Peak, snow covered  and shining in the background.

As I opened the door I heard the sound of music and I remember smiling. “Sweet Home Alabama” was playing.

I haven’t smiled like that since.

That was the day, my world as I knew it ended forever. The joy left my heart. An innocence shattered

Bobby was gone.

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  1. Oh boy! I exhaled loudly ‘cos I didn’t see that coming. What a sad experience.

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    1. Yes it was. That song is played at every function we have that has music. I will be dancing with Danny ANDROID AL Of A Sudden It Will Be Played. I fake the dance as best as I can. What is sad… Danny really loves the song.

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      1. Bittersweet memories. Remember him by the lovely times shared.

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        1. I do. 24/7/365 .
          He us always with me. Hard to explain but I feel Bobby with me.


  2. jdawgswords says:

    I didn’t see that coming…

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    1. I didn’t either.
      It does help knowing that in the last few minutes before the asthma attack, Bobby was happy. I am sure he was singing the song, loudly and off key. That helps.

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