Household Notebook: Use It To Organize Your Home Life

Household Notebook: Use It To Organize Your Home Life
Household Management 101

A household notebook, also known as a home management binder or a homemaking notebook, is like a master planner for your home’s needs and family’s lives.

resources to help you create your household-notebook6K+ One purpose of your notebook or binder is to get all that information you are trying to remember, like your daughter’s soccer schedule and the last time you flipped the mattresses, out of your head, and onto paper, where you can more reliably review it when needed.

If you’re just beginning the journey of creating such a notebook, here are some general resource articles on the site for you.

Each family’s home management binder will be unique, just like each family is unique. However, there are some common parts of most organized family’s homemaking notebook.

Below is a pretty detailed list of items which could go into your household notebook. Not all of them need to, of course, and not all of them need to be created at once.

In addition, if you actually were to put all these things in one notebook it would be huge and unwieldy. So these are just suggestions. You pick and choose the ones that will actually help your family and home!

There are also some resources on this site which can help you create your homemaking notebook, including a whole section of checklists and printables that you can use, as is, or tweak to fit your needs.

Suggested Contents Of Household Notebook

Schedules and Routines

  • Daily schedules, for both adults and children
  • Checklists for various tasks, such as morning and bedtime routines for children
  • Weekly schedules
  • Family calendar
  • To do list

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