Bible Study – “Philippians” – Introduction By Time Warp Wife

Bible Study – “Philippians” – Introduction  By Time Warp Wife

Bible Study – “Philippians” – Introduction & FREE Resources

From Sarah :

I am posting about this  Philippians Bible Study Even through I have already finished it.
I recently shared a post from A Little R&R about her Prayer Study on this wonderful book. Rosilind is doing her Prayer Challenge for February.

In her post she mentions another blogger who had studied this book as well.
Read her post to find out what her Prayer Challenge is all about and to find out more about Philippians.
30 Day Prayer Challenge For Philippians
By: A Little R&R

I am going through THIS book again.
Going DEEPER Than the LAST time.

Introduction: Philippians: The Joy of Christian Living

While the book of Philippians is a small one, consisting of only 4 chapters, it’s a book that’s packed full of encouragement for today’s Christian walk.

Throughout the book Paul refers to the joy that is available to all Christians, and while the main theme of the book leans toward joy, it’s also about humility, peace, obedience, and contentment.

Paul urges the church to adhere to the gospel of Christ, and to be aware of false teachers. He also encourages them to rejoice and to live joyful lives.

The emphasis on joy and contentment makes the book of Philippians a favorite to many.

The study opens up with a focus on Paul, his conversion, his mission, his visit to the Philippian church in the book of Acts, and his suffering. By gaining a better understanding of the author and his relationship to the church, we have a deeper understanding of his letter to them.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

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