4 Food Blogs I Love : By Sarah

Food Blogs I Love
By Sarah

Not  listed in any particular order.

My Heavenly Recipes
From Marci’s About Section

“My name is Marci Loehner. My Husband, Jason, and I recently purchased my Husbands childhood home in Bengal {WHO DEY!} country where I create my Heavenly Recipes that are inspired by my three children (7, 4 & 2). With my recent 50+ pound weight loss I felt the need to share the recipes that I am feeding myself and the family. You can guarantee every recipe is kid tested and Husband approved!

In my spare time I love to fix up our home on a budget, go camping, read to the littles, visit new eateries with the Hubby, play with our Dutch Shepherd and create Heavenly Recipes.

Be sure to follow me along on social media as l am always sharing sneak peeks of recipes as I am cooking them or DIY projects as I am creating them!

Please feel free to email me at anytime – Marci@MyHeavenlyRecipes.com!”



“I seriously can’t believe how easy this Chicken and Dumplings in the Crock Pot was to make. Now I could’ve saved some time by chopping all the veggies for this recipe and putting them in a storage bag in the freezer and dumped them in when I was ready to make this recipe, but, for video purposes I didn’t!

In my original Chicken and Dumplings recipe I hand make the dumplings and it puts it over the top! But, with the Crock Pot recipe we often need quick and easy, right? You can go ahead and buy biscuits and just peel and dump into the Crock Pot.”

Crock Pot pulled pork


This Spicy Crock Pot Pulled Pork is a version of my Adobo Pulled Pork. The Crock Pot Pulled Pork is a little milder and a safer way to cook at home if you are in and out a lot or for those nights when you don’t like to clean up dinner!


My Heavenly Recipes

Just A Pinch :
Food Bites

See More Food Bites

Finger Lickin' Good Chicken Wings

Hot Chocolate for Santa

5 Types Of Blue Cheese


Just A Pinch :
Food Bites

Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen
From Bobbi’s About Section:

“My name is Bobbi. I am the Mom of 2 great kids, and Nana to one of the most beautiful baby girls you will ever see. I also share my life with my boyfriend Kevin, and 2 furbabies, a Westhighland White Terrier named Angel, and a Boxer Mix named Rocky.

I am also a cancer survivor. That battle prompted me to look at food in a different way. I began a journey to change the way I ate. To add fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs, and ditch the highly processed foods.

My desire is to show my family, and yours, that cooking simple delicious food is easy. I want to bring you tried and true recipes, using real food, that you are comfortable making.

Navigating the food world right now can be pretty crazy right? I know, I have been there and holy diet craze Batman! It is nuts!! Paleo, raw, gluten free, low carb, low fat……to juice, or not to juice, that is the question. Or rather, one of what seems like an endless stream of questions when it comes to what you should be feeding your family. It is seriously enough to have me pulling my hair out, or sending me screaming into the arms of a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

But I am not here to just share recipes, I am here to share a bit about me, my experiences, and my crazy family. I love to share stories that show you what it is like in my house when I plop a bowl of cauliflower rice down in front of them.”

65 Must Have Game Day Recipes




“WOW! Can you believe the Super Bowl is just one week away? This month has just flown by!

We are huge football lovers here, so the Super Bowl is something we make a big deal out of every year. Of course this year we aren’t as excited as we have been for the past few years.

The last few years our Seahawks have been in that big game, so we had a full year of screaming cheering our team on.

Oh well, we can’t do it every year right? *pout*

But, what we can do, is host one mother of a Super Bowl party, and fix up tons of grub for everyone to nosh on!

So, with that thought in mind, I decided to grab some of the party food I could find, from some of my fabulous food blogger friends, and this is the list I wittled it down to for y’all. There is some seriously delicious nomage here folks! It is going to be hard for me to make choices on what to serve.

Would it be too much if I just made it all?”

From Sarah :
The First 4:

  1. Quick and Easy Shredded Chicken Nachos | Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen
  2. Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Cheddar Dip | Hello Glow
  3. Smoked Trout Deviled Eggs | Karen’s Kitchen Stories
  4. Mini Pizza Dip Cups | Fox and Briar

Porcupine Meatballs - A healthier version of the traditional porcupine meatballs, these use brown rice in place of regular white. Serve these delicious meatballs, over a bed of roasted cauliflower mash, for a delicious and nutritious meal from www.bobbiskozykitchen.com


Bobbi’s  Kozy Kitchen


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