How a Wife’s Emotions Affect Physical Intimacy by Jolene Engle

How a Wife’s Emotions Affect Physical Intimacy

“A wifes emotions are most certainly connected to her desire, or lack thereof, in wanting to be intimate with her husband, after all, God did not make us robots and were certainly not Stepford wives!

Our husbands may say some unkind words that can cause us to want to emotionally withdraw from the relationship, which means that having sex with him is the last thing wed want to do.”

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  1. True George says:

    I’ve spoken to some women and they told me that if their husbands want to have sex they feel it is their obligation no matter how they feel.
    On a whole what man would put themselves in a position to have their other half reuse to have sex when they are sleeping in the same bed……..

    1. My emotions are off the charts a lot of the time. My health also makes it hard. It usually hurts. Yet, I love my husband so I seldom say no. I work hard to make sex better.

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