8 Reasons To Keep Your Home Decluttered By Whole Hearted Home

8 Reasons To Keep Your Home Decluttered :
By Whole Hearted Home

8 Reasons To Keep Your Home DeCluttered

“There are seasons in life that bring changes and the need to declutter

  • When a baby grows out of clothes or toys.
  • When summer clothes are swapped for winter.
  • When winter clothes are swapped for summer.
  • Before you have too much junk!
  • As the children grow up and move out.
  • When a spouse or parent passes.
  • When you can’t see where your bedroom is any longer!”From Sarah:
    Oh how I wish I had some of Bobby’s baby clothes, his baby blankets, baby books and all of the special things of his I had saved.  PHOTOS.
    Same thing for my families belongings.
    I wish I still had everything I lost.I have 5 years of STUFF accumulated in the Cracker House. Why 5 years when Danny and I have been married and together for 10 plus years here in Florida? The first 5 years we lived in OUR RV. We couldn’t accumulate much.
    It is amazing what I have saved the last few years. Very little of it means ANYTHING to me.
    Danny still has a lot of JUNK from his house. Thank heavens I threw away boxes and boxes of it when we moved out of it. I should have gotten rid of MORE.Who needs old and outdated textbooks?
    Old clothes that still look great but he WON’T wear?

    His stuff takes up most of our closet space.

    Most of what means anything to me is stored all over the internet and on our server. The photos I have taken these past 10 plus years. Thousands Of them.

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