Exodus Bible Study By Time Warp Wife

From Sarah :
All the original posts are on the blog. Time Warp Wife is working Through Exodus Part 2 right now and I wanted to share Part 1 here as well. This study was done in October and November. Part  2  was started in January.

From Exodus Part 1 :
30 Days of Gratitude: A Journey Through Exodus – FREE Study Guide and Introduction
By Time Warp Wife

30 Days of Gratitude: A Journey Through Exodus – FREE Study Guide and Introduction

“The story of Exodus in many ways typifies our redemption. In fact, the Greek word for “Exodus,” ἔξοδος (Strong’s G1841) is “an exit, departure, death.”  When we give our lives over to God, our old life passes away. Through freedom in Christ we embark on a journey toward the promised land set before us.

The question is, will Satan let us go without putting up a fight? Not a chance.

The Israelites left Egypt behind with the promise of a new life and a new land before them. They were slaves in Egypt, as we too were once slaves to sin, but God sent Moses to free them and lead them to a land flowing with milk and honey.

Pharaoh did everything in his power to rebel against God. He had a tight hold on the Hebrew people and wasn’t about to free them or let go of his pride, but Pharaoh was no match for God. God had promised to free His people and nothing would stand in His way.

As we make our way through this study we’ll be looking at the 10 plagues of Egypt. It’s interesting to note that while the purpose of these plagues was to prove to the world that there is only one God, each plague was uniquely designed to cast down the many gods that the Egyptians worshipped.”


Exodus – FREE 4-Week Bible Study Part 1
By Time Warp Wife

Exodus – FREE 4-Week Bible Study Starts Today!

FREE Online Bible Study – Exodus Part 2

FREE Online Bible Study – Exodus Part 2 – Coming Soon!


“How do I participate in this study? 

It’s simple. If you haven’t done so already, download a copy of the FREE Bible study guide. You’ll find the download further down this page.

During the week, you’ll study at home, following the outline of the study guide. You can study alone or with a group of friends–well suited for either.

Visit my facebook page where I’ll share my study notes each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In addition to that, I’ll be posting the daily gratitude prompts so we can celebrate together!

Come here to the blog on Mondays and Fridays. On Mondays I post new resources for the week, and on Fridays I post a recap of the week.

Subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a post.”

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