Cheeseball Dip By My Heavenly Recipes


Cheeseball Dip By My Heavenly Recipes

There’s those recipes that you have been eating since you were a child. For me this Cheeseball Dip is one of those recipes!

Whether it was celebrating New Years with my family, a birthday party, celebrating a milestone or those famous “just because” neighborhood gatherings my Mom would whip up this Cheeseball Dip. As an adult I often resort to this dip too because it’s quick, easy and contains just 3 ingredients.

Now I’m pretty sure you have already made this recipe for yourself, but, one of the things I am working on here at MHR is adding all of my simple, easy and basic recipes as apart of my Cookbook that I hope to launch later in the year. As I am working on creating the recipes for the Cookbook they’ll also be appearing on the site…it’s called “Killin’ two birds with one stone!”.

I pretty much always have Cream Cheese on hand. Did you know that you cream cheese is one of the foods that I have listed in my 21 Foods That You Can Freeze article? It’s true! You can freeze it and you would never tell that it had been frozen.