Fondue in a Pumpkin By Wild Greens And Sardines

Fondue in a Pumpkin
By Wild Greens And Sardines

Cheese is my weakness. Cupcakes don’t do it for me. Ditto for donuts. But give me a hunk of cheese and now we’re talking. One of my favorite cheeses is a raw, Basque sheep’s milk cheese, Ossau-Iraty, that I discovered at a farmers’ market in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France (before the start of my Camino de Santiago last year). I’ve looked for it in the United States, but can only find pasteurized Ossau-Iraty, which doesn’t taste nearly as flavorful as what I fondly remember.


It all started with this pumpkin (pictured above). It often goes something like this…this rather unusual looking pumpkin caught my eye. I bought it and it sat on my counter all week. What shall I do with it? Pumpkin soup? Nah. Pumpkin ravioli? Um, maybe. Pumpkin mac and cheese? Getting closer. And that’s when I came across the idea for fondue in a pumpkin. Can it be done? How will it taste?

Utterly delicious!!

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  1. True George says:

    I gathered it tasted delicious


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