Four Ways to Hang On When You Want to Let Go | Jennifer Rothschild 

4 Ways to Hang On By Jennifer Rothschild.

Let’s face it. We often don’t have the luxury of just saying, “Hey, everybody.  I’m tired and about to lose it so I am just going to step away from all my responsibilities, relationships, and roles for a week so I can rest.”

At least that doesn’t happen in my world.  How about yours?

I have been at the end of my rope recently and every cell in my body and every neuron in my brain is screaming for rest, retreat, and respite.  And, because I, like you, can’t just put on the brakes and drop everything all at once, the Lord is showing me how to hold on, stay strong, and rest.  Or shall I write, R-E-S-T!  You knew an acronym was coming…didn’t you?

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