A Wise Woman Builds Her Home: A Peaceful Homelife


The other day I came across some good words on being a wife and thought to share it here for you:

“We exhort you who are a wife to be gentle and considerate to your husband. While you are careful to adorn yourself with desirable apparel…be still more attentive in ornamenting your mind with meekness and peace, with cheerfulness and good humor. Keep at home. Let your pleasure be in the home.

It must seem that many of the trials of married life arise from mistaken notions of economy and the right use of money. No condition is life is hopeless when the wife possesses firmness, decision, energy, and economy. There is no outward prosperity that can counteract indulgence, folly, and extravagance at home. Every wife ought to know the income of her husband. That knowledge should be the guide of her conduct. A clear understand of domestic expenses is a necessary peace in every home.

Let your husband see that you really have a strong desire to make him happy. Enter into all his plans with interest. Sweeten all his troubles with your sympathy. Make him feel that there is always one ear that will listen, one heart that understands him, one refuge for him in all circumstances, and one warm, soft pillow for his head, beneath which a heart is beating with affection.” 

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