Hidden Treasures

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From one Heart to Another

Among the many letters and pictures saved from my mother’s family is a parcel with small baby clothes from my mother’s earliest childhood. She was born in 1923 in a province called Holbaek an hours’ drive from Copenhagen. At her time it would take a lot longer to take that trip.

The content of the parcel

I would like to show you the content of the parcel together with the photos I have from her early childhood. When I was a small child I begged my mother to get a baby. She insisted on that being impossible and instead I was allowed to see a parcel with my baby clothes. That would serve as a substitute for never having a baby sister or brother.

I don’t remember being shown her baby clothes so I believe that she got it much later from her mother. I washed it gently and took…

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  1. mariaholm says:

    Also a big thank you Sarah for reblogging this one on my grandmother ❤️

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      1. Maria Holm says:

        I was once again reminded of this ❤️so good to meet you again. We both did these interesting blogging courses a long time ago


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