Rose Petals – Top 5 Things Women Want The Most !

Rose Petals – Top 5 Things Women Want The Most !

From Sarah:
And because it will probably be asked.
Gentleman:  What are the Top 5 things you men want.

Of the Top Of My Head :  The Top 5 Things I Want From Danny
1. Respect

  1. To Be Touched and  Touched Often
    Hand Holding
    A Soft Caress
    Sitting on the Sofa TOGETHER side by side,
    Any kind of touching that can be done, especially during the day.

  2. To Be Asked . What I DO ALL DAY, and really want to know.
    Ask me about the Blog .
    Ask me what I write about all day and night.
    Ask to read some of what I write.

  3. Do Things I Want To DO
    Take a walk with me.
    A Day Drive -ANYWHERE
    A Vacation – ANYWHERE
    A weekend Away – Anywhere
    Romance me.
    Dance with me.
    Take me to the beach.
    Take me places I want to go on Rolling Meadows Ranch and Lake Kissimmee State Park.
    Catfish Creek.

  4. Remember a few of your promises.



#FRI-YAY !:)

What is it that Women really want or What makes a Woman happy ?????? 
Honestly even God wouldn’t know that:):) And Men anyways are confused species when it comes to woman and fail to understand them 😦

There is this age old myth that its difficult to understand woman. Books are written,  Movies are made on ‘What Woman wants’??

But really how hard is to understand a woman ??


Sure Women can be complicated at times but believe it or not; its the little things that makes a Woman Happy.

As cliché as it might sound but Sometimes all We need is Coffee ( In My case it would be Green Tea though ), Cuddling, Napping, Mushy RomComs and Shopping !

Here’s a list of things what women want.
And No you won’t find diamond or any expensive or fancy things on this list.!

Top 5 things Women…

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