Everything Happens For A Reason + A Post Of My Own .


From Sarah: Updated August 2019

I try and live by those words as best as I can.
I don’t know how many times I have been asked “Why I thought Bobby was taken so early” .
There is STILL no answer to that question. None that I would ever accept. So I don’t question it.
I just accept that we don’t know why certain people die before their time or what WE consider to be their time.
It WAS their time to go.

I was also asked right after he died if I was still going to move to Florida.

I never understood (at the time) what my moving to Florida had to do with Bobby’s death.
I made the choice BEFORE Bobby died.
Later on though,
I realized that it really was a great question.I didn’t know back then, all I was giving up. I gave up EVERYTHING for love. For Danny.
Was it enough? For years it was.


Why  should I have changed my mind?
I knew leaving Colorado would be hard. I honestly had NO IDEA how HARD it would be.
Not at first. Not in those first 5 years. Danny and I were making a new life for ourselves.
I loved park life back then. The long crazy hours working with Danny. Or by myself, just waiting for Danny to get off. I craved the busyness back then. I needed it.
Danny and I did everything together.
Then we moved into The Cracker House after years of working together on it. We moved out of the RV that was OUR first home.
I tried to volunteer as I had always done. It’s hard to explain how difficult our manager all of a sudden made it.
So I started volunteering less. Then Less.
Danny and I weren’t working together.
We got sidetracked alone the way.
Actually, if I am being totally honest….he drifted.
I also had no idea how much I would miss Colorado.
It IS as much a part of me as is my birth state, Illinois is.
More even.
The mountains call me every day. 24/7. 365 days a year.
I knew the heat and humidity would be hard. I really never realized how hard it would be as the years changed and I grew older.
I hate it here.

The question I heard most was:
How can you have fun without your son being here?

I didn’t die that day, although many times it felt as if I did. Still does.
Even during Hell Week (The week right after Bobby died when Danny and my family were there) as I call it. remember having moments that were awesome and wonderful.
Sure, it was a nightmare. I couldn’t close my eyes because all I saw was Bobby’s lying dead on the floor.
I remember everything about that moment. That day when I walked into his apartment.
I remember the smell.
I remember hearing on his stereo.
“Sweet Home Alabama ”
To this day, Hearing that song makes me GAG If I am home by myself or hear it on the radio.
I live in the SOUTH.
We have Events at the park. At every event : If there is Music and Dancing THAT SONG will be played.
It happened the first event we had at the park.
Danny and I were dancing with so many others when IT came on.
I must have made a loud noise someone asked if I was OK.
Danny held onto me and whispered in my ear,
“Sarah, We can get through this. Hang on and Dance with me. I will hold you. No one will ever know.”
Somehow we made it all the way through the song.
(Danny seems to forgotten what THAT song still does to me. )

We’ve made it all the way through IT every time since then.

I choice to face IT rather than ruin it for everyone else.

I got sidetracked:
I had some good times that week. Hell week.

Bobby's Mountain
Bobby’s Mountain

Danny was there almost right away. Donna, my sister flew out right away.
Mom and dad drove straight through.
My aunt and uncle lived in Colorado.
My best friend’s daughter was there.

Danny and I at Bok Tower August 7, 2015
Danny and I at Bok Tower August 7, 2015

They were all staying at the house I raised Bobby at.
danny and sarah 014
danny and sarah 013

We spent one afternoon going through scrapbooks and photo albums. We all told stories about Bobby and His Cousins.
We laughed and CRIED and laughed and CRIED.
Danny held me that whole week. He sang to me.
We took long walks.

What I am getting at is:
Yes, His death was, and always will be, the worse thing that can happen to me.
After everyone went home, I could have wallowed in my grief.
I did for a week. I gave myself that much time.

Then I went about LIVING.
I had a wedding to cancel and reschedule.
I had to get the house ready for it’s NEW OWNER’S
and I had to clean out Bobby’s Apartment.
Danny was there for the worse of it.

I had 2 close down 2 places instead of one.

I never ever thought about changing my plans. More than anything, I want to marry Danny.
Yes, I could have used some more time to go through things.
But then no Mom should ever have to do what I was doing,
What thousands and thousands of moms and dads have had to do before me.


Life is meant to be lived.
I had years to live back then.
I wanted to make the most of them.
For the most part, I have done just that.

Source: Everything Happens For A Reason

“3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance”
Copied and Pasted From The King James Bible Verses.


Source: Everything Happens For A Reason

Written By Cathy Lynn Brooks

Everything Happens For A Reason

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  1. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures and commented:

    We don’t always know the reason .

  2. So touching and emotional.

  3. Thanks for the reblog and adding your own story. I haven’t been able to write about the “week” except the facts. This is where I get a little stuck. I’m working on it.

    1. Cathy, It is always hard to write about that week for me as well. It is easier in one way but harder in others.
      It just hurts.
      Yet, I love how close Danny and I were back then.

  4. My heart breaks for you. This writing is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Krista Kemp says:

    What a touching post! I cannot imagine! Stay strong my love!

    1. Krista, I’m good. Even writing it I was ok.

  6. Vibrant says:

    Hello Sarah,

    It’s true that a mother is born when a child is born and death of a child before a mother’s eyes, is in a way her own death. A very significant part of her dies. I am so sorry for your lose. But the title of this post goes to show that you have immense faith in life and almighty and it should be so for all of us because we really know nothing about this vast, immense existence.

    I wish you very best.

    Love, light, bliss and peace <3

    Anand 🙂

    1. Anand, Thank you.
      I enjoyed writing that post because I really want people to understand that You can and should go on with your life.
      Live it. Enjoy it.
      I am not saying you won’t have dark days and weeks.
      I do . Very dark.
      I allow those days. Then I get back to the joy of living.
      It’s been another all nighter here. Danny gets up in 35 minutes.
      I am plan on sleeping after he leaves.
      I will be by to fivit you right after I get done with the comments. Love you

      1. Vibrant says:

        Thanks dear Sarah 🙂
        Yes, that makes sense. And by doing so you inspire so many people around you as well 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I hope you saw my comment on Tuesday’s quote too. Because I loved that.

        I wish you very best.
        Love and light <3
        Anand 🙂

        1. Yes I did see it.
          At least I think I did. I will check in a bit.
          This blog certainly had been good to me, I am opening myself up like I never have before.

          1. Vibrant says:

            Yes it’s a healing process. I will again say what I said. I think the comment was on another post and not on Tuesday’s post for some reason :

            I felt that your commentary had inspired words and I also had a strong feeling that your words will keep echoing in cyberspace and elsewhere long after all of us have left this planet. They are so beautiful.

            Love and light <3
            Anand 🙂

            1. Thank you. <3 I really need to hear things like that.
              Anand, Thank you

  7. New Journey says:

    Your a strong woman…I am not sure how I would react…but I agree that facing it head on, its the only way to survive, your son wouldn’t want you to stop living….my sister dropped dead at 53…one of the hardest moments of my life….I wish I would of had a “Danny” in my life….you give me strength….sister you have been through every parents worse night mare…so glad to have met you and follow you on your post and continue to gather strength from you…..hope your feeling better…..XXXX kathy

    1. Kathy, Thank you.
      One of the reasons I stay with Danny through all of the bad is because I remember how he was with Bobby before. They loved each other.
      I remember how Danny was that week with me. With me family.

      I really hope no one minds (if they do it is their problem) My talking about Bobby like I have been.
      I kept silent way too long.
      This post didn’t upset me except for the obvious places..I enjoy my memories of Bobby.
      If I can help just one person from sharing my stories, It will be more than worth it.
      Danny and I did have some wonderful times that awful week. He gave me the time to cry but he also made me laugh.
      How is that bad? We laughed because of our memories of Bob.
      Love you also. xxxxxxx

      1. New Journey says:

        what a great love story….our men are there for us in the long run….through thick and thin….kathy

        1. Kathy,
          And Danny is. I just have to find a way to get THROUGH the Comments he sometimes makes that no man should ever say to a woman he loves, let alone a wife. It happened earlier this week. It tore me up and he knew it when he said it.
          It also had to do with a co-worker . A female co-worker young even to be his daughter. In appropriate. Sad thing is. He has no desire to follow through with it. SO there is no reason for me to be jealous and I not.
          It just never should have been said.
          I made an appointment for counseling next Tuesday. He has no choice. I will leave if we don’t get some help. And he knows it. I can see fear in his eyes.
          So why say it? Why not apologize?

          1. New Journey says:

            Good girl….protect yourself…its hard when you love someone and they go and do something stupid…my husband and I put TCC in or wedding vows…Trust – Communication – Compromise – these are the basis for out relationship…if you loose the trust its hard to ever get it back…..I feel for you, and really glad your going to give counseling a chance and sometimes they need they need to know they can’t talk to you like that, no excuses, and that you aren’t afraid to walk away….be strong my friend….men!!!!!

  8. It’s funny because I was working on a post of my own about that same Chapter and Song. Then I saw Cathy’s. I updated it after you saw it and added a few photos.
    Hugs Lynn.

  9. Very lovely Sarah and touching and inspiring!!

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