My Healthy Skillet Shepherd’s Pie By Healthy Seasonal Recipes


Healthy Seasonal Recipes

My Healthy Skillet Shepherd’s Pie

  • The beef, it’s lean grass fed- 92% lean. One pound serves 6 people, so that means that I had to bulk up the servings with veggies to make this a satisfying meal.
  • I added in the requisite corn. A bulky veggie is always a win. Add to that more veggies: onion, carrots and celery for the double win.
  • And the rest of the gravy is really just a complete list from my playbook of ingredients to use when you want to make a comfort food beef recipe taste better- red wine, herbs and spices, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste etc. It most certainly is not bland.
  • The mashed potatoes are on the rustic side (I like a little chunk) with only 2 tablespoons of butter in them and just a bit of low-fat buttermilk for tanginess.
  • And then I did something totally crazy. I put Swiss Cheese on top! And this is because I thought it would taste good. Folks, it does. Oh boy does it taste good!
  • The results: 390 calories for a complete meal. Totally comforting. Not authentic but totally delicious and a lot healthier.

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  1. I use peas instead of corn and can or two of beef gray.

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    1. I like both peas and corn. Hugs my friend.


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