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The Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe

Mississippi Pot Roast : Check Out the ingredients. Read the history.

The McCallum's Shamrock Patch

The Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe by Robin Chapman has taken the Pinterest nation of pinners hostage and refuses to let go of them anytime soon. I’ve watched the Mississippi Pot Roast craze for over four-plus years, it’s honestly one of the recipes we bloggers watch in awe and wonder how in the Sam hell did that happen?

The Mississippi Pot Roast Recipes odd and somewhat unlikely ingredients of Chuck roast, an entire stick of real butter Yes, I said “Entire stick of butter”, dry Ranch dressing mix, dry Ad jus gravy mix, and pepperoncini made my head swim in the get go wondering what this Pot Roast would taste like. Would it taste salty? Would it even remotely taste good with that combo of ingredients?

I decided to research this Mississippi Pot Roast recipe a little more 4 years later, wondering who the heck the original Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe developer was…Where…

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