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Luke Quieting Your Heart Series – Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

From Sarah :

This was posted last year .

The Study Of Luke : Quieting Your Heart For The Holidays.

By Tara Of Doodle Through The Bible

Luke 12:22-34 Quieting Your Heart Series

I am so glad that I saw this today. Tara From Doodle Through The Bible and Verse Doodles did this For The Series:
Quieting Your Heart Through The Holidays by Time Warp Wife.
Check out Tara’s other Doodles.
She is awesome.


Verse Doodles


I ran across a study over at Time Warp Wife called Quieting Your Heart for the Holidays.  My time is limited and I am already doing a different Bible Study but I decided to do a sketchnote in my bullet journal for day one.  Hopefully I will get time to participate more 🙂

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