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Bohemian Bold : Boho Style By Ally’s Kitchen

Ally’s Kitchen

Boho Style

Boho style as in fashion in dressing means more than just selecting clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc.—true Boho style embodies a mindset, a certain thinking, an attitude, and a belief in oneself. It’s an expression of what’s inside of you. And, whatever that is, is good.


This introspective self is communicated externally by the choices you make in how you style yourself and your word around you. Boho styling tends to define some retailers like Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, Free People and others. Your home is an expression of what you love in life. Decor that makes you smile when you awake each morning. Boho women are independent, unprejudiced and always approach their world without fear.


Boho styling is a intermingling of exotic and relaxed, classic and trendy, present and past, global and local—you can always put a touch of ‘Boho’ in your style…whether it’s a scarf or jewelry…make yourself interesting…bring yourself alive…set yourself free!


My real name is Debra (Debbie Sue). Sarah is a nickname given to me in high school. My husband has always called me that so here in Florida It's all I am known by. I was born and raised in Illinois. My son and I moved to Colorado in 1982. I taught school for 17 years. Then I ran a homeschooling/preschool/daycare until 2006 when I moved to Florida after my son, Bobby died suddenly. He was almost 26. Danny and I live and work at a state park here. I miss the mountains and climate of Colorado. I miss snow and the four seasons. I miss Bobby.

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