Better Choices, or, Better to Have Choices

All about the choices we made.

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sunrise-153600_640I’m grateful for CHOICES.

One of my blogging buddies, Deb, has a daily grateful post. It’s encouraging to read all she is grateful for, and while I don’t plan to copy her idea on a daily basic, today I’m saying, loud and clear, I’m grateful for all the choices I have in my life.

I can choose when I get get up in the morning, and when I go to bed at night. Yes, work and other obligations influence those choices, but the final decision is up to me. If I decide to stay up late to finish a captivating book, no one is going to challenge me.

clothes-2041864_640When I wake up, I can choose what I eat for breakfast and what I’m going to wear that day. Okay, work has this bizarre dress code — I have to wear black, white or grey — but outside of work…

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  1. True George says:

    we all have the choice to do what we do. But the one thing most people won’t accept is that they have to take responsibility for the choices they make…..

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    1. Very true. It is our responsibility to make good choices. It is never anyone elses.

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    2. I have to remind myself all the time that it was MY CHOICE to leave Colorado and move to Florida. I knew I would hate the hot and humid weather. It is worse than I thought it would be. Yet, I choose love. Marriage. Danny.
      Would I Choose it again? Danny, Yes! No question. Florida?….. Not as easily. I would insist on some promises. But I would come.

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      1. True George says:

        Ironic leaving a state known for snow and cold for a one known for sun all year round. But love conquers all….


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