Oyster Parties Part 1 : (The Fancy Kind)

From Sarah : I started out searching for oyster parties. More along the line of BACKYARD BBQ’S With Oysters.

In Search : Oyster Parties

  1. Entertaining Essentials: Host an Oyster Shucking Party!
    By Anne Sage

“Fresh off my trip to North Carolina, I’ve been reminded once again that folks do things a bit differently in the south than here in go-go Los Angeles. The days move a little more slowly; the cocktails and the laughter flow a little more freely; and maybe it was just me, but the sun seems to sink a little more lazily into the horizon each night. The atmosphere below the Mason Dixon line fosters a laissez-faire sophistication that we West Coasters often try to recreate but can’t quite imitate. Yet it doesn’t stop us from trying!”


  1. “A Great Shucking Shindig: How to Host an Oyster Party in 10 Steps
    By Chowhound
    Author : Julia Sullivan

Plan your presentation. If you have plenty of entertaining space, set up an oyster bar or shucking station. Either way, you need a large vessel of ice to display your oysters, shucked or unshucked. Place a clean towel underneath to avoid puddles of condensation and melted ice. If you’re tight on space, make sure you have some serving pieces on hand so can place trays of oysters around the party to refill periodically. Store shucked oysters on sheet trays in the refrigerator to keep them cold and line the serving pieces with rock salt instead of ice. If you provide discard bowls for your shells, the salt will stay clean and dry throughout the party (no melting!). Place small plates, cocktail napkins, and garnishes nearby.


3. How to Throw a Fabulous Oyster & Champagne Party
By In A Half Shell

“As a toast to the sizzling summer, a couple of friends and I decided to throw an event that was sure to be a crowd pleaser: an oyster and champagne tasting party. The affair was a huge success! Everything went off smoothly and I came away with a handful of valuable tips and to-do’s that could help improve future oyster parties.”


From Sarah : I never knew about Pearl Parties. LOL.

Host A Pearl Party
Vantel Pearl

The fun is contagious!

host a party

At a Vantel Pearls Party, we bring the oysters to you and your friends. Each one contains a beautiful, genuine Pearl!

When your oyster is opened and the Pearl is discovered, excitement sweeps through the Party!

Your Pearl can then be mounted into a ring, necklace or any one of our many beautiful jewelry designs!

See our current specials here.

Find a Consultant and book a Party today!

I can’t wait for Part 2 . Downgrading the party. LOL
Love Sarah

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