In Memory of Mandy Kelly – Becoming A Godly Wife

From Sarah : 

My heart is broken and I only knew Mandy and her family through her blog Worshipful Living and through online blogs. 

Good Morning Girls was a huge part of Mandy’s life.

I first got to know Mandy right after Good Morning Girls Breakup a few years. I was so torn with all that was happening. I remember Mandy making a comment on something I had written. She listened to my words. 

We messaged off and on through the years. The occasional email. A comment here and there. 

I never talked to her over the phone.

Yet, I called her friend.

I welcomed her words in my email daily. I watched for her posts. She was so real. So alive. So joyful. She loved life. She loved her husband. Her kids. Her family and friend. Most of all she loved Jesus. 

Many was and is an inspiration. Her and Scott will live on in Bekah and Jared.

She will live on through her blog and her writings. 

Mandy once said ” How You Finished Matters”.

Mandy finished like she lived. Her joy will continue.

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  1. True George says:

    May she Rest In Peace…..


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