Pictures From Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures On Facebook

Photos I like.

Sarah's Attic Of Treasures

9838_577543368944138_1218709890_n Does he make you Laugh or at least smile? Good. He made me smile.

03 I love Southern Style Porches. “We have an enclosed porch and I love it. We still NEED A REAL ONE with chairs and a swing.

1270344_669041409810924_7269787367469799774_o Perfect. Red.

1545005_669049969810068_7143914749174111231_n Now we all want one. I want one with a water well where there is always hot water on the stove. Not practical anymore….

10360412_669944109720654_9221546227203091550_n This brings back memories. Of My Great Grandma…

10392319_669044903143908_894786072318804219_n A kid on their bike.

10393592_669961243052274_8252807096241835150_n Just a cute photo. A man and his horse.

10423661_669036906478041_2391893927216828324_n MEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

10425059_669038033144595_773125497623772744_n Are you smiling yet?

10427274_695799097145159_2889430471376243704_n Simple times.

10437429_650741798342127_2053270011265946891_n That color is the same in our kitchen. The blue..

10474728_669949933053405_3421938937126175883_n Friends.

10448243_669042123144186_374622642090663369_n Home Sweet Home

10474736_669043863144012_7766629488234462994_n Would look great in the kitchen.

10491097_699056726819396_6834861486618217644_n Good Morning.

10491183_669044323143966_5448066309124755269_n Perfection.

10500401_669042606477471_9210615883264368055_n Love

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