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I really wanted an evening just like giveaway promised. I wanted an Evening Of Cozy Reading. Well, I wanted more than that but hey, this looked pretty darn good.  I really love what I saw here. Many of you have probably entered a lot of these giveaways.

Guess what, I hadn’t entered anything like this in to many years to count? This called to me. So I did everything I was asked to. Never expecting I would win.
I forgot all about it.
Till last Thursday. I was on Facebook for the first time all week. I had messages so I went there first to answer them. I had quite a few.
This was the last one. I am sad to say the name meant nothing to me.
It does now.
Alicia G. Ruggieri.
I also know the face that belongs to the name. 

This wonderful lady had been trying to track me down for 5 days. Her first email that told me I had won was lost in a sea of emails I would never even get to. Somehow when I gave my email, I gave the one for all the blogs I like but don’t get a chance to read. All of the ones that post awesome material yet seldom answer a comment or visit another blog.
This was Saturday.
For 5 days, I was a winner and didn’t know it.
She was determined to track me down.
Alicia followed me to my Facebook email account and left a message there.
The following is the first post telling who won.

  • Cozy Reading: Signed softcover of All Our Empty Places, a Scripture mug, & Yummy Fall Snacks!

And the winner is…

Sarah S.


Release Tour Wrap-Up & Cozy Autumn Reading Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who followed the Release Tour for All Our Empty Places! I hope that you each enjoyed it and that you might have found some new reading/reviewing/writing blogs that interest you through it! 🙂


*** Drum-roll, please. ***

Our winner is:

Sarah Sue!

Sarah, you’ll receive an e-mail shortly, asking for your mailing address. Congratulations! 🙂

The Wonderful Blog of Alicia’s is :

A Brighter Destiny

Thoughts from author Alicia G. Ruggieri

After emailing her and connecting she promised to get everything wrapped and on it way in the next day’s mail. She mailed it Friday morning.
It was delivered to the park SATURDAY. No one mentioned to Danny that a package had come for me. He was there all day.

He saw it when he went to the Ranger Station the next day.
So he brought it home SUNDAY.

The title of this post is called: It All Started With A Wish.
My wish, as I was looking at the giveaway, was wishing I could get a gift like that.
I love love to read. I love chai lattes and hot chocolate. (This is a white hot chocolate.)
I love mugs with Scripture.
And I love Biscotti. Something I seldom ever treat myself to.

I am grateful for this gift : for it is a gift. A much needed, feel good gift the made me cry as I opened the package.

It was tenderly wrapped in tissue paper.  As I opened it up there was a small note card. From there on it was pure magic.
I took pictures of it all as Danny sat there.
I saw the look on his face as I gently cried.
I am hoping he realized then, in those moments that we all need to be pampered and spoiled every once in awhile. He use to do it all the time.
I saw a look I hadn’t seen for a look time.
He had a look of WONDER.
I can’t explain it better than that.

My Package. Even the outside was Festive.
My Package. Even the outside was Festive.

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