Creating Home: Make Spending Time with God a Priority – The Good Wife’s Blog

By The Good Wife’s Blog 

I want to challenge you to start spending time with God. Start small if you have to. Even if you are just reading the Bible that is okay. I’ve often found that just reading but doing so consistently will slowly cultivate a Bible study you didn’t know you were doing. So here is the deal. I want you to see if you can see the change. Get a notebook, a journal, blank paper, sticky notes, whatever. Everyday write the date, and what passage you read. If you read something and it sparked an interest write it down. If it spoke to you in someway write it down. If you read it and that is it, that is FINE! One of the biggest things that always turned me off of Bible studies is that they tended to make you feel bad if you didn’t gain some profound new discovery out of every passage. Guess what! it is okay to not “get anything” out of a passage. Why? Because God speaks to us in different ways at different times. I have read and re-read the same verse and nothing. One day though something stands out to me that has a great impact on me. That’s why reading the Bible once is never enough. So anyway back to the point. I want you to write something if you can and if not that’s cool. But here is what I want you to see. As time goes by you will start to notice that you are writing more and more stuff in the “what you learned” section.

Please Comment. I don't care how long or how short. I want to hear from you.

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