Apple Cinnamon Charoset with Candied Walnuts – Passover Recipe

Tori Avey : Apple Cinnamon Charo set Candied Walnuts

Charoset is a fruit and nut mixture that is used as a blessing for the Passover Seder. The texture of charoset symbolizes the mortar used by the ancient Israelite slaves of Egypt when they toiled under the rule of Pharaoh. Most Jews have a soft spot for charoset; eating it signifies the end of the long Haggadah blessings and the beginning of the Seder feast. In our home, we make extra charoset for the Seder and nosh on it all week!
My family’s charoset recipeis pureed to a paste before serving, Sephardic-style. Many of my Seder guests prefer the chunkier Ashkenazi style, so over the years I have created my own version. Most Ashkenazi charoset recipes are pretty simple, a mix of apples, sweet kosher wine, walnuts and spices. Of course I wanted to create my own spin on this concept. I developed a basic apple charoset, heavy on cinnamon and spice, sweetened with wine and honey. Then, rather than integrating walnuts into the charoset, I candied them with cayenne for a crunchy finish with a kick of spice. 

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