Second Buster Island Trip With Bill – (Rosalie Creek, Tiger Lake) Part 4

Entering Rosalie Creek. I can’t wait to share the first trip through here because I was able to TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS I wanted to. On this trip, I was too busy paddling and helping to stay off a few of the sand bars to take the pics.

100_3300 100_3305 100_3304 100_3303 100_3302 100_3301

100_3306 100_3307 100_3308 100_3309 100_3310 100_3311 100_3312 100_3314 100_3315 100_3316 100_3317 100_3320 100_3321 100_3323We heard the airboat coming way before we saw it. Good thing we did because they didn’t know we were there until they were almost on top of us. 

100_3324 100_3325 100_3326 100_3327 100_3328 100_3330 100_3332 It is about 2 miles through Rosalie Creek and it takes the longest amount of time to navigate it. These pictures make it seem short and uninteresting. 


Tiger Lake is ahead. We will continue to stay to the left. Remember , all we are doing is circling Buster Island. 

100_3334 100_3335 100_3336 They wore themselves out so only a few pictures until we stopped for lunch ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TIGER LAKE.

100_3337 100_3338 Tiger Lake Rest stop. As long as you don’t care about getting your feet wet. 

100_3339 100_3340 100_3342 100_3343 100_3344 100_3345 100_3346 100_3347 100_3348 100_3349 100_3350 100_3351 100_3352 100_3353 100_3354

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