Good Morning Saturday. By Sarah

From Sarah : Good Morning, Saturday. By the time I finished writing this it will already be afternoon on the East Coast. 

I went to catch up on my emails this morning and found a message from 

She Reads Truth. 

It it, I was reminded to take This Day, and spend  time in prayer and Bible Study. To spend time with Our Lord.

As I sit here writing this looking out over the waters here at the park :

(Do we ever really write anything by hand theses days?)

I wonder if most of us take the time each week….each day…. to really talk to the Lord.

For many, Sunday’s  And Wednesday  evenings are the time for worshiping . To have fellowship with each other.

I don’t  get to church nearly as often as I should.  I seldom get to my Lutheran Church. 

I enjoy the Little Community Church just down the road from us. It is a country church and I know almost everyone there. Yet, for me it’s these special moments when I see the beauty of God’s Creation . 

I find myself praying to Him. Thanking Him for all that I have. 

Other  times I cry out  asking for his help his guidence. 

Take some time today, to really talk to God. To really listen to what he has to say. 

Take some time to talk to our Father. 

Please Comment. I don't care how long or how short. I want to hear from you.

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