Memories of Bobby. Why Danny Calls Me Sarah And Not Debbie

From Sarah : 

11 years ago today,  May 2006, Danny and I , my parents  and Kari  drove to what is now called Bobby’s Mountain.

Bobby’s Mountain is little hill above the house my grandparents owned.  That our family built in the 70’s. 

Bobby always called it Grandma’s Mountain. 

It sits between Cripple Creek and Florissant, Colorado.  In a valley. It has an amazing view of Pike’s Peak.

It was there on this very day, that I tossed Bobby’s Ashes into the wind.

Everyone but Danny expected me to say good by.

How could I say “Good Bye?”

I said instead, ” I’ll be back.”

Today and for awhile, I will share my memories. My stories.

I love you, Bobby.

Sunrise July 17, 1980

Sunset May 19, 2006

Robert Lee Kasch

This post is about why Danny calls me Sarah and not Debbie.

How Bobby wanted us to be together when he never, ever  tried before to get me to date or????

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