Writing 101 – Day 3 My Word Is Treasure – Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why did I up and stop writing and sharing? These posts made me happy.

Sarah's Attic Of Treasures

It was easy for me to pick out the word I wanted for today’s assignment. I couldn’t help but see it right away. Right there on top was the word “Treasure”.

How could I not pick out that word?
The name of my blog is Sarah’s Attic of Treasures.
When I hear the word treasures, Unlike Danny or many of you, I don’t think “buried treasures”. My mind conjures up  attics and basement and old houses and treasures found within.

atticOh WOW. My heart just pounds at the site shown here.
What is the history behind all of these clothes? The work boots?
I’d wear the hat if nothing fit.
Oh What Treasures I see.
I remember playing dress up at both my great aunt’s and my great grandparent’s houses.
All by myself. I never needed anyone else.
I was in a world of my own.
I would sit and…

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