Early Days With Danny Before Moving To Florida

I have a lot to learn. Most of what I learned blogging 3-4 years ago, I have to re-learn.
Part One of Early Days With Danny Before Moving To Florida.

Our Neck Of The Woods


Our First Thanksgiving

The reason I wrote that Danny was Creating our Supper was he took his time layering the French Fries And Fish Sticks just right. They had to be perfect. It was fun watching him
BUT I REALLY WANTED TO GRAB THEM UP AND JUST PUT THEM ON THE PAN. I was starving. It was 3 in the morning. I needed to EAT.
This was the kind of meal Danny was used to having. Nothing he had to make from scratch.  When we moved into the RV our oven worked but made the fish and fries soggy. SO I seldom fixed them.
They also took up too much room in the freezer and we had so little space.
So we did without them most of the time.
I never minded that.
He missed them though. So they were the first things we cooked when we FINALLY got…

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