Good Intentions And Why I Didn’t Follow Through From Last January By Sarah

Wishing Danny still wanted to spend quiet time with me.

Sarah's Attic Of Treasures

I can blame the internet for not posting what I was going to last night and today. Yet, In all honesty, I just decided mot to. I have a number of projects and studies and all sorts of cool stuff I am doing or starting this week. I want to share it here.
Last night, I started to write when Danny came in, frowned and made a comment about spending “Time” together. He meant, time in our train room and I wasn’t ready for that yet.
I quickly changed my mind.
For years I have been telling Danny that I wished he would spend more time with me than he did on the computer.
So he is asking me to.
I love our time together. Most of the time. I wish it was a little more when I was ready as well, but it is a start.
I am…

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