5 Part Harvest Devotion Series By Proverbs 31 Wife : (A Look Back On A Wonderful Series.)

From Sarah:
I have been following Proverbs 31 Wife for a few years now. The following is from Proverbs 31 Wife.
Please check out this series this November.

The Promise of Harvest Devotionals

4 years ago I posted a 4 part harvest devotional series along with printables for each devotional.

Since there have been so many new readers since then (welcome!) I felt like now would be a good time to resend it to everyone.

The series starts with a reminder of the promise of harvest. Next, we look at who gives the harvest. Part 3 is realizing the harvest is NOW. And the last devotional takes a brief look at the final reaping. I hope you enjoy the mini-series!

Harvest Devotionals pt One

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