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6 Favorite  Chowder Recipes

From Sarah,
I just received my weekly order from Plated. I will be fixing their Creamy Cod Chowder. Or Maybe I should say, I am fixing My Version Of Their Creamy Cod Chowder. I never follow a recipe (Or very seldom do I follow one.)

This is how it is suppose to look. While mine may not look that the photo when I finish with it, I do know it will be good. No Doubt About It. From Plated Meal Service.

Copied from New England Today.
“Here in New England, it seems we can never have enough chowder recipes. From clam to corn to fish to lobster to…well, just about anything you can think of, we’ll toss it into a kettle and call it supper. Need some new chowder inspiration? These six classic chowder recipes should do the trick.”

“Rich and creamy New England Clam Chowder straight from Chatham Pier Fish Restaurant.”
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What is your favorite chowder?
Mine is Seafood Chowder with plenty of corn in it.
Happy Friday,
Love Sarah