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Making Your House a Home

Making Your House A Home : By My Mommy World
“The single most important thing that we strive to do as moms is to make a comfortable, loving home for our families.”

From Sarah :
I miss being a mom.
I know I am going crazy posting all about the Making Your Home A Haven Series that Women Living Well /Good Morning Girls are doing right now. 
I love reading anything I can about this subject. I read hundred’s (maybe a slight exaggeration) of blogs and blog posts on this very subject. Housekeeping and homemaking. Family and family times.
Children and homeschooling versus public schools. (That is the former public school turned homeschool teacher in me.)
I love anything to do with morning and evening routines. I own every Crystal Paine Course on that subject.
Why do I focus on these topics when for the most part, they don’t relate to my home live right now? Certainly not teaching or children. I retired long ago. There are no “little ones”around”.
Danny doesn’t seem to notice anything I do these days. Yet, I still strive to make our home a haven. I am now doing it as much for me as I was doing it for him.
Same with my routines. I am doing them for my well being.
I love my memories. I lived in a house that was a haven. We ate every meal together. Spent very little time watching TV and when we did (for the most part) we did it as a family.
We spent quality time together. Laughing. Talking.
I share these stories and posts in hope of helping other have a better life. A happier one than I have right now.
I want to remind them of what I had growing up. Raising Bobby.
It’s what I wanted in my marriage.

This blog carries out Making Their Home A Haven 365 days a year.

Making Your House A Home:

family-dinner-time (1).jpg

Meal time is everything when you do it as a family.

My thinking on the topic of homemaking has been greatly influenced by Sally Clarkson. The definition of home in her book The Mission of Motherhood sums it up perfectly:

Home—it’s such a beautiful word! It’s the center of our lives, the place that holds us with invisible strings of love within its walls. Home is the place where the delectable smells and tastes of “my favorite food” linger; where the comfort and beauty of “my room” and “my bed” can be enjoyed; where “my dreams” are inspired and begin to grow; where bedtime routines, prayers and blessings give comfort; where the intimacy of deep relationships—unconditional love, grace, forgiveness, encouragement, unselfishness, laughter and memories—is shared with people who have made us a priority in their lives. It’s where appetites for favorite music, movies, books, games, art, and traditions are shaped from infancy on up.

From Sarah:
Sally Clarkson is terrific. She is one author I anxiously await their next book.

“Making your house a home

The next subject to tackle in our quest to make a happy home is making our house comfortable and welcoming.

Essentially, we want to focus on making the five senses—smell, sound, sight, touch and taste—happy when our family and friends enter our home. According to psychologist Michelle Roya Rad, writing for HuffPost, we can do this in several ways: declutter and organize the house, maintain clean, pleasant-smelling rooms, decorate with color, use positive words while avoiding yelling, show affection, and have fun dinner times.

From Sarah: Please read the rest of this post. I wouldn’t be surprised if you started reading more from her.

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