Not Really In The Mood For A Daily Post! A Short Ramble From Sarah

Why oh why did I switch to the ”New For Me” Block System? I did it last thing last night. BEFORE I knew anything about it
Probably very simple but for now it’s a pain in the neck.
Kind of what my mood has been today.
I have been fighting a Migraine.
So far, I have held it at bay.
Head still throbs though as does the rest of my body
So I am very THANKFUL the MIGRAINE isn’t that bad.

Danny was off yesterday and today. He managed to get our yard mowed. It had been over a month.
Our John Deere finally bit the dust earlier this summer. We have been using a lawn mower from the park. When they aren’t using it. When it isn’t broke. LOL More on the John Deere later.
Anyway, our yard looks better.
Now all he has to mow is the bunkhouse and the area in back and beside it. The RV site. Most of all, he needs to mow the mile drive and the entrance to Rolling Meadows Ranch.
Plus he needs to fix a water leak here on the property. Near the house.
There were a few raindrops on the car yesterday but that was it. We need rain so badly.

Not much else to add to this post.
I need to upload photos so I have recent ones to add here.
My candle is glowing. Drinking a Chai tea.
Have great rest of the week.
Love And Hugs ,

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