As we get ready for the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about our holiday dinner menu. Will you serve a ham, wild turkey or a juicy game hen? Regardless of the meat, a good stuffing recipe is needed to accompany this feast. In Laura Ingalls Wilder’s These Happy Golden Years, (and mentioned in other books), cornbread stuffing plays a big role at dinner, especially since it’s topped with bacon…….

This recipe is part of Barbara Walker’s cookbook, The Little House Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Classic Stories. 
We adapted the original recipe by adding a few more ingredients to it for color and flavor, such as red and green peppers and onion. The recipe also calls for adding seasoning and sage to the cornbread mixture after it’s baked. We decided to sprinkle the sage on top of the cornbread mixture before baking it.

Our adaptation of Laura Ingalls’ Cornbread Stuffing would pair well with our Christmas Country Ham. ”

From Sarah : I have this wonderful cookbook. I also have Melissa’s Gilbert’s “My Prairie Cookbook”. Little House On The Prairie was a favorite TV show. We watched it as a family. I had all of the book when I was a child. When my niece started reading , she got her own set.

From Sarah:
I was going to add some more photos but was having trouble uploading them.
Love And Hugs,

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