One Simple Truth to Help Your Heart Feel Grateful By Faith Spilling Over

One Simple Truth to Help Your Heart Feel Grateful

November 7, 2019 by betsydecruz

How do you give thanks when you don’t feel grateful?

“You’ve experienced it too. Little things go wrong in your day and zap the gratitude right out of your heart. Or big things may go wrong in your life. Maybe you experienced loss or went through trial this year, and you’re just not feeling the gratitude this November. 
All the beautiful Thanksgiving images on social media can make a woman feel downright guilty if she doesn’t feel grateful. That woman may or may not be me, but the other day I woke up feeling more grumpy than grateful. I let a mini-disaster steal my gratitude. The night before, I went to pick up my son from work at 10 pm but … [Read More…]
Note: This is a re-edited version of a post that originally appeared on Abby McDonald’s blog.

If you’re struggling during this Season of Thanks, how about returning to a simple truth?

Now it’s your turn: When life zaps the gratitude out of your heart, what helps you feel grateful again?

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