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    I wrote this last year. I now have a new Bible to color and draw in.

  2. Joann Lynn says:

    I’ve never heard of this way of studying the Bible. I think I might get a bit confused with it. I have done several Precepts Bible studies, which are very in-depth and the point of it is to use the Bible to defend itself. It uses several different colors to highlight different major players in the Bible but it’s not nearly that involved in color coding.

    1. I don’t do it nearly as much. It is helping me to remember things though.
      I am enjoying these studies. I miss Bible classes here. With friends from church.
      We just live so far away and my health keeps me home a lot.
      I am so glad you commented.
      I am only beginning to share Bible Studies etc.
      I’ve been getting some awesome feed back.
      I still wish I had a really in depth FREE Bible Study.
      Hugs Sarah

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