I AM Thankful For The SUNSHINE! / Furnace Issues And Life/ UPDATE /

Excuse me for the really bad photos but it was the easiest way to post them.
We have had a WEEK of Gloomy Weather. Dark And Dreary Weather. Damp.
This is Florida. We aren’t use to not having SUNSHINE most of the day. Every day.

My Long Counter That Divides The Kitchen From The Dining Room (Breakfast Nook) Is clear. So Is most of the counter on the other side.Waiting for the furnace repairman to show up.

Danny is home so the diffusers aren’t running as much. The candle is put up for now.
It’s amazing how much the sun shining really changes the look inside our home.
It’s so bright where I am sitting.
I am enjoying it.
Plus, it’s not a hot sun so it feels wonderful.
It’s is 72 degrees inside which feels great to me. Danny is in his computer room with his little heater on. It’s HOT in there. Really hot.

I AM THANKFUL that I am finally learning to keep my mouth SHUT (Most of the time.) when Danny runs his heater almost 24 hours a day. Yes, Even in the SUMMER.
As long as HE leaves me alone when I turn the AC down a little more, I do my best to ignore his having the heat on when it’s in the 80’s outside. Plus, the electric bill comes out of his check and I never see it. (Yes, I know how much it is. )
It’s taken a long time for US to get to this point.
I remember years ago when Danny wanted the AC set between 80 -82 degrees. Until 4PM.
That wasn’t so bad WHEN I Was still working /Volunteering at the park and was getting home the same time he did. Except for walking into a hot house after being outside ALL DAY.
There were plenty of arguments when I was home all day. FIRST OFF: NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO HAVE THEIR HOUSE THAT HOT. I am HOT ALL THE TIME. I always have been.
Even before I went through MENOPAUSE. Now it’s worse.
At first I kept it around 78 as much as I could. 76 when I couldn’t.
Fans ran all day as well.
Then Menopause hit hard.
I honestly did my best to keep it at 76 during the day.
We really can’t afford a huge electric bill.
Yet, I couldn’t do it all the time. 74 degrees became the norm.
Even if I wanted to go LOWER (And I DO), our AC is 25 years old.
Hence, the furnace not working now. We have needed a new one for years.
Maybe now?????????
I have never been able to convince Danny that we would sleep better with the AC set at 68 or 70 degrees. Or LOWER.
I know I would.
It took me YEARS but I set it to 72 degrees at night now.
He seldom says anything. Mainly because he is sleeping better.LOL

I was so worried about Danny FREEZING last night that I overly compensated for it. (FURNACE NOT WORKING and FLORIDA got hit with a COLD SPELL). He panicked when he realized that the furnace wasn’t working. It was 70 in the house at the time. He was already COLD.
I got out the other 2 small heaters and had them going.
Then I turned on the OVEN. OH MAN DID IT GET HOT IN HERE.

78 degrees at the far in of the living room where the thermostat is.
I tried to turn off the extra heaters but Danny said to leave them on.
He was afraid he would get cold.
Did he ever bundle UP?
It never really got much colder outside.
To give Danny credit: I understand.
I fear the AC not working or the power going off and the AC not working.
I’d stay at the motel across from the park.
I am done going a day or more WITHOUT AC IN FLORIDA.

From Sarah :
They are installing our NEW AC /FURNACE as I write this.

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  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Oh yes, the cold/hot wars. I can imagine you need the AC in Florida. We sure do here in TX. I do like hot weather better, but we do get some really cold days in winter. We mostly try to keep the temp. in the house around 72 to 75.
    Hope your week is starting off great. 🙂

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